How To Profit With Your Own Online Personal Training Business

What is Online Personal Training?

The concept is simple. You want more income without having to work more. And your prospects and clients wants to lose weight and get fit but they don’t want to pay the premium price to work one-on-one with a personal trainer.

So what do you do?

You can’t drop the price of your one-on-one personal training programs–so you turn away a client. You lose income and they lose the opportunity to get in shape and to work with you.
Enter online personal training.

By using web based software your personal training business now has another program option that is far more budget friendly than traditional personal training. This makes for a great personal trainer marketing system.

Popular online personal training software, such as Hitech Trainer, gives you access to a database of thousands of exercise demonstration videos, hundreds of custom workout templates and a state-of-the-art RD designed nutrition software. With these resources you can easily start creating passive income on the web.

Maximizing Personal Training Profits.

Let’s focus on how you are able to utilize online personal training software to increase profits, reach more clients and create passive revenue streams.

Online Personal Training as an Add-On to One-on-One Personal Training Programs.
How many of your current one-on-one personal training clients are able to work with you the desired 3 to 5 days per week? It is probably a small number. Most one-on-one personal training clients either cannot afford 3 to 5 sessions per week or are unable to coordinate that number of sessions into their busy schedule. As a result these clients work with a personal trainer 1 or 2 times per week and workout on their own the other 1 to 2 times.

An online personal training program is ideal for such clients. It costs less than one-on-one personal training sessions, and the personalized online workouts can be completed with total flexibility to the client’s schedule since they aren’t meeting with their personal trainer face-to-face.

While some of your clients cannot afford to add additional sessions to their one-on-one programs, most can afford to pay an additional $30 to $60 per month for online workouts for the days that they are not with their trainers. Not only will this give the client better results and more accountability, it will also give you additional ongoing income.
Creating Additional Monthly Profits.

Cutting edge personal training software, such as Hitech Trainer, offers you more ways to generate revenue than by simply selling personalized workouts. This top online personal training software comes complete with built in RD designed nutrition software.
What does this mean for you? This means that your personal training business is now able to provide clients with RD designed diet plans to accompany their personal training program. You are able to charge a recurring monthly fee for creating results specific diet plans that will aid the results of your clients while padding your bottom line.

Taking Online Personal Training to the Web.

In today’s technology savvy world it has become expected for every business to have a functioning website. Personal Trainers are no exception. If you don’t have a website you ought to consider creating a content rich website as quickly as possible.

Studies have shown that your future members and clients use the Internet to find fitness and weight loss solution more than ever before. In fact, the Internet is more widely used than the phone book to find local businesses.

While many fitness professionals use their website as nothing more than a glorified business card (listing location, operating hours and rates) you have the unique opportunity to make additional revenue on the web. Online personal training technology can give you a quick, easy and economical way to monetize your fitness website.

What to look for.

Choosing the right online personal training software for your needs is important. Some things to look for in a service provider are responsive customer service and support who are both accessible via email and telephone. In addition you’ll want to choose technology that gives you room to grow – unlimited client capacity, an integrated nutrition programming module, and high resolution exercise demonstration videos and pictures in both genders.

Thanks to technology and the power and reach of the Internet you can quickly begin growing your online personal training business on the web and in your fitness facility with only a small investment. For many studios owners and independent trainers this is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to generate additional passive income month after month.

Buying Water Filters: a Quintessential Guide

Water filtration is not a new technology. Historically, there is evidence in ancient texts to demonstrate that filtering water for impurities was in practice in both ancient India and Egypt.  Indian text SushrutaSamhita (3rd century CE) even spoke of methods like boiling and heating, a well as using sand and gravel for filtering water.  Egyptian tombs (15-13 century BCE) have relics depicting the usage of water treatment devices.

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, invented what is known as the Hippocratic sleeve – a cloth bag through which one could pour boiled water to purify if further. By 1900s, water treatment graduated from a focus on preventing waterborne diseases, to reducing mineral content of water. This was done through water softeners that used sodium ions to replace components which led to “hard water”. Ion exchange is among the significant technologies in water purification today, enabling us to address heavy metal content in water.

Today, water purification is an extremely accessible technology. This is because it has become a necessity. Twenty years ago water filters for drinking water were a luxury, due to dependence on tap water. Tap water is both abundant and cheap. However, unlike the past, there are effluent discharges and ecosystem pollution linked to the water cycle. Chlorination at water processing plants isn’t enough to provide the highest grade of clean water.

The need for water filtration

Benzene, in a microscopic quantity (five parts for 1 billion) is still potent enough to cause harm as a dangerous carcinogenic. Metal content (including lead and mercury) can lead to nervous and renal disorders.

A water filter is a modern necessity.  You need to invest in the cleanest drinking water, and you’ll find that unlike tap water, water using a filter is a refreshing change of taste.  Used in accompaniment with a dispenser, you can get instant access to hot and cold water, freeing from refrigerating or boiling water the old fashioned way.

You can buy an affordable hot and cold water dispenser from Awesome Water Filters. Water has special relevance to Australia, a nation that sees both water droughts and flash floods. Rampant pollution is harming the Aussie way of life, and leaching into the water supply. As the country is amongst the dries globally, as well as the world’s biggest water consumers, the need for water filtration is at an all-time high.

Can’t mineral water bottles take care of the situation?

As any Australian resident, bottles can be highly expensive, making it unviable for many to regularly buy large water bottles on. Offices, with their large staffs, will find filtered tap water cheaper.

This doesn’t mean that you buy a cheaper water filter. Unlike water bottles, water filtration technology is a long-term investment, not just a purchase. You need to also assess the kind of impurities. There are two major kinds – biological and chemical.

Biological contaminants: harmful microbes and disease causing bacteria. These cause digestive disorders, among other ailments.

Chemicals: metals and compounds lead to nervous system and renal issues.

A filter needs to address the dominant type of impurity in your tap water supply. Of course, for many regions, even the taste of the water will give you an idea of the kind of filtration needed.

You can easily buy a water filter for commercial and residential needs without splashing out money on expensive models. All you need to do is ensure it addresses the impurities in your drinking water.


The Incredibly popular carbon block filtration technology can remove impurities through activated carbon.  On other hand, Maifan Stone can filter out heavy metal like lead and chrome and, after filtration, it is advisable to use glass bottles, or BPA-free polycarbonate bottles for storage. Benchtop water purifier are great options.

Personal Training Fitness Careers Today

Find Personal Training Fitness Careers in the United States and Canada. Currently, there are a variety of vocational schools and personal training schools from which to choose should you desire to pursue personal training fitness careers. In addition, there are a number of certification programs that are offered through traditional colleges and universities that help candidates get on track for successful personal training fitness careers.

Sometimes, personal training fitness careers may require a bachelor’s degree for various hiring institutions; however, the greater part of employers seeks candidates who have at least achieved certification from an accredited school or college.

Once individuals have made the active decision to pursue personal training fitness careers, it is wise to review potential training academies for prerequisites, tuition, curriculum, and whether the school meets all certification credentials (with regard to educational programming).

Common academics for personal training fitness careers include exercise science, physical education, anatomy and physiology, first aid and CPR, kinesiology (muscle testing), nutritional counseling, and business training. In addition, while many training courses like this focus primarily on personal fitness, some degree programs integrate additional coursework in business administration and management, as well as general training in communication, humanities, and other health sciences.

The great prospect of personal training fitness careers is that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “opportunities are expected to be good for fitness workers because of rapid growth in the fitness industry.” Also, depending on education and experience, professional personal and fitness trainers have annual median earns of about $25,000 but may well exceed that amount.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in achieving personal training fitness careers, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Employment source: (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Personal Training Fitness Careers Today
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In-Home Personal Training NYC Is Best To Get Impressive Personality

Fitness training is necessary for everyone to lead a healthy life. After all, the question is regarding your health and no compromises can be made at any cost. Training in NYC or any other state can be taken in different ways. You can either join a gym or call the trainer for in-house personal training or even visit dance classes to stay in shape. The means of getting that perfect shape and figure is not necessary, the main thing is about the desired results that you get. In-home personal training is, generally, carried out for those people who do not get enough time to visit a physical instructor in gym.

Are you a fitness freak? Is that you are willing to spend some extra time on fitness session to get the desired body, but not having time to go to gym? I think that in-home personal training is the best and the most suitable option for you. There are a variety of advantages that are associated with this form of personal training. Firstly, you will be able to save on the time that you had to take out everyday and that too specially taken for this purpose. Another advantage that makes in-home personal training in NYC famous is that you get personalized attention.

Everyone in this world loves to stay a healthy life and sweating out in in-home personal training sessions is not a tough task. Just tell me who wants to look fat or have a bulge coming out. Well, no one wants to feel embarrassed while walking in social gatherings and hear the comments against them. In-home personal training session will not only shed out that extra weight, but will also tone up your body to your satisfaction. In this type of weight loss sessions, personalized attention enables you to converse well with your trainer about the regular diet and things to be done.

Generally, in-home personal training process includes taking care of back injury prevention, body toning and sculpting, traditional strength training, Pilates and many other fitness programs. The present scenario is that, more and more people are becoming health conscious. They have understood the fact that staying fit is the key to live a healthy life. Who wants to have troubles and ailments? It is the fitness programs that help to avert all sorts of ailments. In-home personal training also enables you to cut down on the heavy fees that gym instructors charge. Living healthy is what has become the need of today and this form of training process is a boon for everyone.

The main thing of consideration in in-home personal training is that your trainer would be able to tell you newer methods of doing exercise and lose weight. In fact, the trainer may also make a diet chart for you to follow. The diet chart is quite useful in maintaining and regularizing your diet to lose those extra pounds that have been put on. As far as the busy lifestyle of NYC citizens is concerned, the idea of in-home personal training is liked by everyone. Busy professionals think that this is the best way to get back into shape, without devoting time for it specially.

Personal Training Business Tips That Generate Wealth

Personal trainers start a personal training business because they are passionate about fitness, want to help people, and also enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. These are all great reasons for starting a personal training business. Fitness trainers are mainly individuals who enjoy teaching fitness, owning their own business, and scheduling appointments whenever it is convenient to them.

If you are a fitness minded individual who enjoys health, fitness, and exercise, and wants to make an excellent income with the freedom of working for yourself, then follow the personal training business tips I reveal below. I have already reached a high level of success in the personal fitness training business, and so can you.

The fact is the fitness business is booming! As a result of the aging baby boomers, and the will of the aging population to live a great quality of life, there are more and more opportunities for personal fitness professionals to make an excellent income. The baby boomers quality of life quest, and the obesity factor will surely drive a huge amount of personal training clients your way. Therefore, the potential of running your own personal training business is financially limitless. However, the time to seize this fitness training business opportunity is right now.

After working in the personal training business trenches for over 20 years I am pleased to reveal some of my very powerful fitness training business building tips that will help accelerate your fitness earning potential.

1. Treat personal fitness training as a real business – Most personal trainers just focus on the education of exercise physiology. This is where a typical personal trainer makes a huge mistake. Anatomy, and physiology knowledge is very important, but it is the business, sales, and marketing knowledge that is going to allow you to benefit financially.

My recommendation is to not be a one dimensional personal trainer, but to invest a considerable amount of time on personal training business courses. Remember, it is the business, sales, and marketing wisdom that will bring new clients through the door, not specifically your physiology, or nutrition smarts.

Treat your personal training business as a real business. It is not just something temporary until you find a new job. It is a real income producing business opportunity that can easily yield you well over $100,000 year in and year out. A real personal trainer business means you must have a business plan, and be willing to investing in sales, and marketing continuing education.

2. Invest in personal trainer courses to continue your education. Since you are running a professional personal training business it is important to say on top of the latest research, and techniques which will help your clients. They pay for your expertise to help them. As mentioned above, I also recommend investing in the educational material regarding business, sales, and the marketing of a fitness business.

3. Be professional. Since you are going to be commanding fees equivalent to that of other health care providers, it is important for you to conduct your personal fitness training business with total professionalism. You must show the client excellent value for their investment. Clients don’t want to pay someone top dollar when they act in an unprofessional manner. Being professional also means having a personal trainer certification to back you.

4. Be a good listener. You should also listen more than you speak when consulting with your personal training business clients. Fitness training clients want to be understood, and listened to. The more you listen to them, the more they will rely on your services, and the more they will tell their friends about you.

5. Don’t have the cheapest personal training rates on the block. It is a fact that if your rates are higher, the clients perceived value of you is better. With that said, when starting a personal training business you should not have the cheapest rates around. People generally feel they get what they pay for. By elevating your clients perceived value of yourself, and your fitness business, they will not complain of higher rates. You should always portray a higher perceived value in relation to your personal training session price.

6. Be a leader. Professional personal fitness trainers have to be leaders. You should not waffle, or look confused when training a client. Instead, act confident, and well in command as you look after your fitness training clients best interests.

7. Always be networking. Everyone that is within 5 feet of you should know about your personal training business. The more people you tell, the more money you will make. It is that simple!

8. Carve out your own niche. Don’t be a jack of all trades. Pick a segment of the personal trainer market, and specialize in it. Whether it be the post rehab market, the baby boomer population, or pregnant women, make sure you are known as the guru for a particular segment of the personal training market.

Now you ask how to start a personal training business. Before doing so get an education in anatomy, exercise physiology, business, sales, and marketing. There are many great resources to help you quickly profit in your very own personal training business.

If you love fitness, want to work for yourself, and enjoy the possibility of a great income, then the personal fitness trainer business is for you. There is no better time than now to begin your own fitness training business.

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