Breaking the Barrier: EMT Online Training Now Possible

EMTs or emergency medical technicians are often confused with paramedics. To differentiate, paramedics have more advanced skills and education as compared with EMTs, though they do belong in the similar medical occupation.

To be an EMT means to be strong both physically and emotionally. Some patients cannot be saved and this is what an EMT has to accept, making the demanding job an even harder one.

After a few years on the job, one will realize that being an EMT is not at all that easy. This is what makes an EMT a person to look up to – to idolize someone who has the strength to not only be physically fit but emotionally strong too.

Injured soldiers during the Civil War are to ambulance teams as medical emergency technicians are to wounded patients. United by the goal to save lives, the medical emergency services was borne through the efforts of various businesses who worked closely to help the injured community. From JFK to Lyndon Johnson, initiatives were put into place to formalize and determine the EMS program which in turn, gave birth to EMTs, paramedics, and other related careers.

As emergency medical technicians remain to be recognized as part of the medical team, more and more people enter this part to fulfill their dreams of saving lives, helping the injured, and assisting the elderly. For those employed as Medical Emergency Technicians, they continue enrolling in advanced courses to receive higher degrees while some still prefer to work voluntarily.

As the industry continues to grow, Emergency Medical Technicians are expected to rise to 14,800 in 2014 – a total growth projection of 26.5% – according to a report released by the Labor Market Information Division, as seen in’s site.

To add to this, roughly 43,000 EMTs work in California alone – as stated by the Emergency Medical Services Authority. Now that there is a growing demand for Emergency Medical Technicians, this estimate is predicted to rise in the future.

Not everybody can be physically in attendance during EMT training as some hopeful EMTs are too busy with other activities and jobs. Ideal for those who cannot go to universities to get their EMT certificates, Emergency Medical Technician training online is now being offered by reputable emergency medical services companies.

Because of the convenience it offers, it is easy to assume that training to become an Emergency Medical Technician through the Internet is easy but the truth is, classes are just as difficult as those in universities. EMS companies provide reading materials and hand out exams to check out the knowledge of students.

5 Healthy Snacks For Fit, Fierce and Fearless Females!

When you eat prime foods… a prime body naturally follows. F4 has 5 “OMG Awesome” snacks to satisfy all your cravings! And the best part is that they’re under 300 calories! The perfect snacks to keep your energy up and weight down.


Berries: these are great for fruit lovers! You need to have enough low sugar fruits in your diet to keep your memory and concentration sharp. Berries are high in fiber, helping you feel fuller longer and will give you the energy you need.


Almond Milk or Coconut Milk: Including calcium in your diet is an essential component for all women. You need approximately 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day to help maintain your bone mass. Also including calcium rich foods such as spinach and broccoli can help you shed belly fat!


Fruits and Vegetables: Munching on fruits and veggies such as apples, spinach, and berries are linked to reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, the calcium, potassium, and magnesium contained in veggies and fruits may help lower blood pressure.

4. Belly-Fat Burners

Coconut Oil: Providing an excellent “fuel” for your body and supporting a strong metabolism that can aid in weight loss.

5. Heart Boosters

Dark Chocolate: According to research dark chocolate decreases blood pressure. So finally a real good reason to eat chocolate! Moderation is the key!

So ladies, start planning your meals in advance, start eating frequently, and stick to these healthy snacks and you’ll be feeling and looking healthier than ever in 2014!

Driver CPC Periodic Training – What’s It All About Then?

By the 10th of September 2014 in the United Kingdom most existing and new professional Large Goods Vehicle (L.G.V) drivers will by law, be required to have completed an extra 35 hours of vocational training. (The Driver CPC EU Directive 2003) This is known as The Vehicle Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence or “Driver CPC”. On completion drivers will then be required to renew this training on a 5 yearly cycle.

To comply with the act drivers will have to complete a Driver CPC Course. This will consist of five seven hour training sessions which can only be delivered by an approved instructor and registered training centre. The governing body responsible for Driver CPC Training is The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (J.A.U.P.T.) who are in turn responsable to The Driving Standards Agency in Great Britain (D.S.A) and The Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland.

J.A.U.P.T monitors Training Centres and Trainers to make sure that training is given to the highest standard. Before a trainer can present a course (7 hours of instruction) they must prove their professional ability to train and have a high level of subject knowledge. All courses are vetted and approved by J.A.U.P.T before they get presented to drivers, further to this each course gets rechecked by J.A.U.P.T. annually. This ensures that the course content and the trainers are up to date with changes in Law and Industry Best Practice.

Many drivers when introduced to the idea of ongoing vocational training are naturally sceptical and wonder what they can learn from it. A typical drivers comment is “I’ve been on the road for 30 years what can you tell me about the job”. Well this driver is perfect for Periodic Training, he most likely has not had any formal training for the entire of that 30 years and whilst his knowledge of the road and his ability to drive will be first class he might be lacking in his understanding of Road Transport Law and often is unaware of Best Working Practices within the industry.

Periodic Training’s purpose is to refresh the knowledge of drivers by confirming and expanding existing knowledge and to update them on changes in Legislation and Best Working Practices. Depending on the course content, training is delivered in a classrooms or “on the road”. An example of a typical training courses is “Drivers Hours & Tachograph’s” (A “tachograph” is an in truck recording device that monitors speed and time. Fitting of this device into trucks and busses is a legal requirement in the EU) This course will most likely be delivered in a classroom. The Course presenter will use a variety of delivery techniques including PowerPoint, flip charts and demonstration units. Another example is a course on “Economical Driving” this might contain green environment related content as well as the monetary cost of delivering the goods and could contain both on road and classroom instruction

In conclusion this form of training can only lead to safer roads with fewer accidents and a higher standard of professionalism from L.G.V drivers. Bus and Coach drivers (PSV) are also required to hold a Driver CPC with very similar rules however PSV drivers need to complete by 10th September 2013 that’s one year earlier than L.G.V Drivers.

4 Reasons Why It Pays To Train As a Life Coach in 2014 (The MOST Profitable Online Niche Bar NONE)

Reason #1: Life coaching has the highest average earnings for “ordinary” entrepreneurs who want to do extraordinary things… without experience or exception. The average life coach can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to about $150 per hour within the first year or two of starting your practice.

Reason #2: 2014 is the year of the specificity coach. Really want to take your earning and income potential to the next level? The truth is, the more granular you can get with your services, the more income potential you have. The truth is, much like any other type of niche, market or industry… specializing SELLS! Cooking coaches, credit coaches, psychic or spiritual coaches, diet coaches, fitness coaches, meditation coaches… if you LOVE it, you can do it for a living.

Reason #3: The window is starting to close a bit. With so much media scrutiny on the coaching industry as a lucrative one, more and more professional people are dancing in the direction of their dreams and launching their own coaching practices. So if you truly have been on the fence… the time IS now.

And I don’t mean that you’ve got to start right NOW if you want to become a full time coach. Instead, what I mean is that the coaching space gets more crowded… and more competitive with each passing month. I’ve seen it in my own speciality coaching business just in the last few years… with more and more people “pushing” their way into a narrow space. The good news is, if you truly LOVE what you do, are willing to keep growing, flowing, learning and evolving, you’ll ALWAYS have an avalanche of opportunities. But, that said… the longer you wait to get started, the more of YOUR ideal clients are going to be going to someone who beat you to the punch.

4 – Lastly, coaching for a living FEELS great. Putting progress on par with PROFIT and making contribution as important as cash is truly an amazingly inspiring way to do well, while doing good in the world at the same time.
If you are truly fortunate enough to get up in the morning and follow your bliss, and truly share your flare with the world in a way that serves, there is honestly no better feeling. In a world where so many people loathe their jobs, and hate going to work in the morning, the gift of gratitude that arises from being able to pursue your purpose… and earn an amazing living doing work that you love simply cannot be put into words!

Top 10 Trends in Sales and Business Development for 2014

Will companies be hiring more salespeople in 2014? What will companies do to stand out from the competition? Will CRM systems expand or contract? How will the economy impact business growth? These are some common questions I hear as I address audiences around the world. Here are my predictions for the ideas and trends that will shape sales and business development in 2014.

1. Evolution of Subject Matter Experts

Buyers can now get just about all of the information about your company, products, and services from your website. However, what they do not have is the trends, best practices, or creative applications that determine whether or not there is a fit for the customer’s situation. Buyers will continue to value the subject matter experts.

If you want to know whether or not you rise to this standard already, ask yourself if your ideal clients would value the meeting from your team enough that they would pay for the session. If so, then you might already be there. If not, then you have a goal for 2014.

2. Content Becomes Emperor

Last year, people said, “content is king.” In 2014, content will continue to be the core to building value and getting heard above the noise. Buyers (and Google) value the best educators, as Marcus Sheridan of says. It used to be that companies feared sharing their best stuff on their websites. As more initial investigations for solutions move to search engines, your ability to stand out from the crowd comes down to whether or not you are addressing the most important questions for your ideal customer. If you are stuck with your head in the sand, you might just get run over.

3. Continued Shift Toward Vertical vs. Geographic Focus

The shift from vertical to geographic focus tends to work in cycles. With the advancement in video-based communication and collaborative technologies, geography becomes slightly less of a big deal. However, the increased value placed on subject matter expertise will shift the table in a big way in 2014 toward vertical markets.

4. Collaborative Sourcing and Selling

Over the past five years, there was a trend of buyers beating up on weaker suppliers. While the short-term goal of the buyer was a reduction in costs, the unintended consequence was the destruction of many suppliers and companies who either lacked a competitive advantage, or failed to identify their lack of negotiation and sales prowess before it was too late. Ultimately, buyers lost a portion of their supply chain. The more sophisticated buyers will seek sellers with whom they can work collaboratively to obtain the greatest value. Buyers realize that the cheapest price has little meaning if the vendor cannot deliver as needed.

Collaborative selling will reward results and outcomes, but will continue to punish those selling commodities.

5. The Shift Toward Project-Based Services Engagements

Buyers have discovered that paying by the hour creates a disincentive for innovation and efficiency. The longer it takes the vendor, the more they earn. However, for the client, the faster they get a solution, the better. The hourly-vendor who delivers the most efficiently makes the least money. In 2014, the top performing professional services organizations will start shifting as much as 30% of their billing to project-based, or outcome-based pricing (with assumptions to protect themselves). Buyers want results, and they’ll pay for it. However, the savvy customer rarely wants to sign a blank check for hours of time without a defined outcome.

6. Sick of Waiting for the Economy – Build your own

Most economists say that the economy will continue to bump along in 2014. Innovative companies with a great story will start putting their capital reserves to work to build their own economy. The economy grows when businesses grow. And, those with creativity and value will get tired of waiting for the so-called “economy” and will build their own environment to thrive. This will drive accelerated growth in the latter half of 2014 to carry into a strong 2015.

7. Hiring Trend for 2014

Recognize that there is a need for subject matter experts. Be on the lookout for businesses cross-training their subject matter experts on how to manage a sales process. Those who do hire sales professionals or sales managers will rely more on specialized recruiters to ensure their next hire is the right one. Hiring people who were just looking for work has burned many companies. Often, the hiring companies discovered that those people were out of work for a reason. There are great ways to find a gem without using a recruiter, but recruiters are still the best way to attract superstars from other companies.

8. Simplified CRM Solutions

Years ago, companies realized they needed something beyond a spreadsheet (or napkin) to keep track of their business pursuits. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions emerged to maintain knowledge, automate forecasting, and improve communication. However, over time, the CRM solutions have taken on a life of their own. The data entry requirements had become so overbearing that few organizations enforced compliance (mostly because the only people who filled out all of the fields were the worst performing reps). Look for a shift in 2014 for companies to identify the top eight (or three) pieces of information they need to understand if a deal is legitimate or not. They will ask reps to maintain fewer pieces of information, but will require compliance.

9. Better Qualification for Efficient Pipelines

It used to be that if a company was trying to reach $5 million in revenue, it would often look for a pipeline of $8 to $10 million. Today, companies often set a three to five-time multiplier. So, for $5 million, they pursue $15 million to $25 million in opportunities. Sharp organizations have started tracking the cost associated with pursuing unlikely deals. Instead of chasing everything, companies will define specific criteria for what makes a good pursuit, and which ones should be dead on arrival. The definition maintains focus, and preserves resources for the proper pursuit of the opportunities that deserve the company’s attention. Look for companies to qualify based on the relative impact and importance to the customer of solving the issue, rather than the desire of the company to sell something.

10. Honesty Prevails

With so much hype and old-school tactics, buyers will reward sellers who identify their own limitations. Claiming you are an expert at everything will be hard to believe when the buyer can search to discover the truth. Humility and candor will be sought after skills in 2014.