Breaking the Barrier: EMT Online Training Now Possible

EMTs or emergency medical technicians are often confused with paramedics. To differentiate, paramedics have more advanced skills and education as compared with EMTs, though they do belong in the similar medical occupation.

To be an EMT means to be strong both physically and emotionally. Some patients cannot be saved and this is what an EMT has to accept, making the demanding job an even harder one.

After a few years on the job, one will realize that being an EMT is not at all that easy. This is what makes an EMT a person to look up to – to idolize someone who has the strength to not only be physically fit but emotionally strong too.

Injured soldiers during the Civil War are to ambulance teams as medical emergency technicians are to wounded patients. United by the goal to save lives, the medical emergency services was borne through the efforts of various businesses who worked closely to help the injured community. From JFK to Lyndon Johnson, initiatives were put into place to formalize and determine the EMS program which in turn, gave birth to EMTs, paramedics, and other related careers.

As emergency medical technicians remain to be recognized as part of the medical team, more and more people enter this part to fulfill their dreams of saving lives, helping the injured, and assisting the elderly. For those employed as Medical Emergency Technicians, they continue enrolling in advanced courses to receive higher degrees while some still prefer to work voluntarily.

As the industry continues to grow, Emergency Medical Technicians are expected to rise to 14,800 in 2014 – a total growth projection of 26.5% – according to a report released by the Labor Market Information Division, as seen in’s site.

To add to this, roughly 43,000 EMTs work in California alone – as stated by the Emergency Medical Services Authority. Now that there is a growing demand for Emergency Medical Technicians, this estimate is predicted to rise in the future.

Not everybody can be physically in attendance during EMT training as some hopeful EMTs are too busy with other activities and jobs. Ideal for those who cannot go to universities to get their EMT certificates, Emergency Medical Technician training online is now being offered by reputable emergency medical services companies.

Because of the convenience it offers, it is easy to assume that training to become an Emergency Medical Technician through the Internet is easy but the truth is, classes are just as difficult as those in universities. EMS companies provide reading materials and hand out exams to check out the knowledge of students.